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The GBMSL is a co-operation of approx. 11 communities in the Georgian Bay area. Each community has a representative that sits on the GBMSL and the league executive is elected from those individuals.

Our season begins on the May long weekend and runs until Mid August to September depending on the teams involved. Our registrations generally begin in each community by March.

We are a mixed league starting at age 6 and running to age 20, playing competitive fastball amongst the other participating communities of the GBMSL

This week is final week of regular season (with the exception of Tyke & Mite) All games must be reported within 4 days of your final regular season game to be counted. No exception to this rule as playoff formats need to be posted in advance of your next regular game nite. Tyke deadline is shorter as their tournament is on the 28th/29th

Scores must be in by- Tyke- July 26th, Mite-July 29th, Squirt- July 23rd, Peewee- July 24th, Bantam- July 21st, Midget-Posted

If Scores are outstanding then we cannot do playoff format and will wait until the deadlines above, if you want the format updated sooner then get those games played and scores in!


Midget tournament is in Victoria Harbour on Saturday July 22nd (rain date 23rd) in Victoria Harbour. Seeding will be based on results submitted by Sunday evening cutoff.


Tyke Playoff tournament is held on July 28,29,30th weekend in Toanche/Lafontaine with final Playoff Championship game between the top two teams on Monday July 31st. If you are one of the top 8 teams be prepared to play on that Monday night. This is a league mandated night so you must be able to field a team! Keep those holiday plans until after that game (rain date is Tuesday)


Special Thanks to Centretown Sports on their kind sponsorship donation to our program this season!

Thanks go out to Chappy's Engraving on their donation of trophys/plaques in support of all All Star Weekend!


League Liasons- Tyke-Keith Chapman, Mite & Squirt-Ed Moriarty, Peewee, Bantam & Midget- Carl Luoma - any issues/rule interpretations should be directed to these folks first.



Rules-Constitution-Offense Declaration



Diamond Directions


The Don Hawke Midget Memorial Trophy

The Peter Robinson Bantam Memorial Trophy

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Tournament Details, Umpire Assignments will be updated as the tournaments approach, generally at least one week in advance. Results will follow tournament based on information conveyed to the league through coaches & photos taken

NOTE: IMPORTANT- In the past we have had several rain games in all divisions played on the Sunday- not being able to field a team because parents didn't plan on being available for the Sunday will not be considered a valid argument and it will result in a team forfeit from the tournament. Please make sure that you don't ignore the Sunday date, if cancellations due to weather occur, then games will be played on the Sunday if necessary!

Tournaments 2017

Dates for 2017

Hosts 2017

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2017 info will be updated to this section once formats are sorted out, often not until a week before the tournament as game results up to that point are used for seeding
All-Star Games June10th (Rain Date 11th) Perkinsfield All Star Players  Skills competition
PEEWEE June 16th & 17th (Rain Date 18th) Victoria Harbour & Port McNicoll
MITE June 23rd & 24th (Rain Date 25th) Toanche/Lafontaine
SQUIRT July 7th & 8th (Rain Date 9th) Wyevale & Perkinsfield
BANTAM July 14th & 15th (Rain Date 16th) Port McNicoll & Victoria Harbour
MIDGET July 21st & 22nd (Rain Date 23rd) Victoria Harbour
TYKE Championships July 28th & 29th (Rain Date 30th) Toanche and Lafontaine
MITE Championships August 11th & 12th (Rain Date 13th) Minesing

THE PLAYOFFS- this will reflect last years info until we get there :)

Please be patient, there is a lot of updating to do and little time to do it in :) Get those scores in quickly following game and we will do our best in keeping you informed! an * beside your score shows who submitted it, if you don't have an * then you should submit a score, both teams are required to submit whether you win or lose:)

Squirt Peewee Bantam Midget



Junior Umpire Clinic closed for 2017

Local  Umpires for 2017, both Level 1's & Juniors  Local Umpires

This area includes all past articles, check here to see if your question has already been answered!

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