Coaches: If you are contacting a Junior Umpire (any umpire under 18) listed on this page you are “required” to talk to the parents of that Junior Umpire. You need to give them your name and the community you represent. Explain the game you wish to hire them for and any traveling plans. Do Not simply talk to the Umpire and book them for a game!

Parents: If your child is booked for a game and you have not been informed of it and if you did not talk to the coach or individual who called, make sure you investigate before allowing someone to pick up your child.

If you drop your child off at a game that was scheduled through a phone call, go and introduce yourself to the coach who hired your child and make sure arrangements are made to get your child home, etc. GBMSL strongly urges you to take your child to the game, watch them do the game and take them home. Do Not let your child simply leave home “to do a game” without making sure!


If you want your child’s name removed from this list please contact any GBMSL executive member to make the request, they will pass it on to the proper person, we will promptly remove any name as requested by player or umpires parent/guardian. Please read the Privacy Information section below if you have questions.




GBMSL Umpires 2017

You must be registered with Softball Ontario to umpire GBMSL games & Carded by June 30th to continue to do games.

Not listed here? Please drop us a line and we'll add you. We won't add you and show your information without your annual permission. If any of the information is incorrect please drop us a line, GBMSL division info. Is important as it shows what night the umpire is unavailable and GBMSL tournament eligibility if 2nd year and up.

 Email corrections to

Please note that the reliability of this web page is only based on information provided by individuals & their sponsoring communities. GBMSL does not register or validate umpires nor does it claim any responsibility for the accuracy of this list, although we make every effort to keep it accurate, it is provided only as a guide. It is the responsibility of the community hiring to ensure that umpires are carded and that umpires have proper liability insurance in place. Insurance is automatic once an umpire registers with Softball Ontario by doing a Junior Clinic or registering for an Level 1 card.

"GBMSL requires all umpires to be either Junior Carded or Level 1 Carded (or higher)- The Local Umpire option is not considered a valid umpire status and as such is not allowed within GBMSL"

Local Level 1 Carded Umpires 2017

  • Rene Robitaille- 705-526-6172- GBMSL Umpire in Chief
  • Keith Chapman- 705-534-3091- GBMSL Deputy UIC
  • Felix Ladouceur- 705-361-2006- GBMSL Deputy UIC
  • Tony Dickson- 705-835-0698- GBMSL Deputy UIC & Zone 6 UIC for Softball Ontario
  • Patrick Crippin- 705-527-3617 or - GBMSL Junior Umpior Development Director
  • Glenn Weatherell- 705-209-0434 or 705-534-6388- umpiring VH Midget
  • Nicolas Chapman- 705-331-2092 or
  • Sean Moriarty- 705-817-1002 or 705-835-0190
  • Austin Cooper- 705-534-0082 or
  • Austin Scott- 705-543-9277 or
  • Kyle Weatherell- 705-534-6388 or
  • Justin Coopoer- 705-543-0082 or
  • Trevor Laurin- 705-543-0709 or
  • Noah Weatherell- 705-534-6388 or
  • Alex Sweeney- 705-322-2156 or
  • Owen Bell- 705-323-3390
  • Greg Wagner- 705-796-5321 (cell) or 705-322-7111 (home)
  • Alex Hayward-Bailey- 705-427-4095 or

Junior Umpires as of 2017 (will update when list is submitted)

Listed below are the Junior umpires who completed the 2017 clinic and are certified as carded for this season. Those who requested that they not be listed on the web site have been removed from the list, if your name is not here and you wish to have it listed then please let us know. If your name is here and you want it removed please send an email as well and it will be honored. Please send a detailed email to with updates!

First Name Last Name Parent/Guardian City Phone # E-Mail Address Web Listing
Cole  Scott Vickie Scott Port McNicoll 705-955-3195 Yes
Austin Cooper Kelly Cooper Victoria Harbour 705-534-0082 Yes
Dylan Cooper Kelly Cooper Victoria Harbour 705-534-0082 Yes
Dylan Petroff Shannon/Ben Coldwater 705-686-7658 Yes
Drew Wilson Doreen Lynch Orillia 705-330-9442 Yes
Matthew Campbell Tammy Campbell Hillsdale  705-835-3672 Yes
Andrew St Amant Patrick St Amant Penetang  705-309-5094 Yes
Lorrianne Dutton Doug and Lorrianne Dutton Hillsdale 705-529-2080 Yes
Luke Dutton Doug and Lorrianne Dutton Hillsdale 705-529-2080 Yes
Brenden Smith Dayle Smith Wyevale  705-515-0090 Yes
Lexie Utton Trish Utton Port McNicoll 705-796-7202 Yes
Callum Perrault Julie Perrault Victoria Harbour 705-795-0705 Yes
Carter Brown SEAN BROWN PORT MCNICOLL 705-534-1782 Yes
Cameron Krause Rhea and Jeff Krause Elmvale 705-835-3961 Yes
Wesley O'Leary Catharine O'Leary Coldwater 705-715-3929 Yes
paul murphy paul murphy, victoria harbour 705-725-5642 Yes
Will Burbidge Scott & Mandi Burbidge Coldwater 705-795-4515 Yes
TRAVIS BELL DANNY BELL Coldwater 705-835-6399 Yes
Owen  Blunt Jenn/Jeff Blunt Coldwater 705-238-6513 Yes
Sean Crooker Blair Crooker Hillsdale 705-835-0855 Yes
Skylar Irwin Sue Irwin Port McNicoll 705-506-2221 Yes
Noah Parnell John and Sarah Parnell Tiny 705-322-0696 Yes
Lonnie Dunlop Wendy Dunlop Midland 705-835-9950 Yes
Alex Giffen Anita & Andrew Minesing 705-792-1701 Yes
Josh Rowland Stacey & Ron Minesing 705-220-6606 Yes
Max Shaw Cathy Minesing 705-794-7541 Yes
Josh Zaba Al Midurst 705-321-2891 Yes
Jackson Mino Teri & Jason Minesing 705-735-0146 Yes
Colton Marsden-Newdick Jenna Marsden Christian Island 705-209-3739 Yes
Isaak  McGinnis Tom or Colleen McGinnis Elmvale 705-322-3717 Yes
Drew Hansen Nadine & Jeff Minesing 705-305-6629 Yes
Todd Johnston Tara Hillsdale 705-835-5834 Yes
Jack Luck Karen & Dan Minesing 705-322-9414 Yes
Ian Robertson Tina & Dean Elmvale 705-322-7215 Yes
Alex Brissette Marie-Josee Brissette Tiny 705-795-0636 Yes
Adam Wright Jennifer Wright Penetang 705-209-9732 Yes
Matthew Veenstta John and Michelle Phelpston 705-322-1124 Yes